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released June 21, 2014

Written and recorded by Anthony Stubelek. Vince Jarocki - drums, Mitchell Benton - drums on "Until Night". JR Manning - additional guitar on "Broadleaf".



all rights reserved


Anthony and the Second Verse Brunswick, Georgia

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Track Name: Your Next Move
My life had been drawn tight, like a curtain. From hurting.
You pierced my window with your headlights, on that dark night.

Watching from my window, you opened up your door.
Waiting for the moment when I can see more.
I'm living with your memory now, how can it be?

Our love dissolved over the course of a few months.
And now you rarely wear the face of a human.

Scanning all the pages in my hidden safe.
Garnishing my wages. Unkempt paper trace.
You're sifting through the ashes left of you and me.

Don't want to waste my life, inside, waiting for your next move.

Collected all your letters, stuffed them down the drain.
Grabbed my bag and sweater, stepped onto the train.
I'm Leaving with your memory now, how can it be?
Track Name: Ovewhelming Sums Of Grey
Miles of crawling vines with tangled leaves.
Climbing up brick faced walls and plastered beams. Ancient lamp marks the entrance, a victim of time's long sentence.

We wait two days to say goodbye, we're waiting for the time to fly. And we fade into the distance, and return to our lives. We leave this place with songs to write.

Scratched out in charcoal smudge and earthen hues.
Defended by jagged nails and rusted screws.
Mansion in hollowed out shambles. Fire embraced its mantles.

Feel so tiny here, compared to its great mass. Losing my balance while I'm standing in the grass. Getting the chance to finally conquer what I've feared forever. Taking the memories I've made, pen the songs we sing together.
Track Name: Sad Truth
You seemed so distant the last time around,
when you said you're whole existence was fading into the background.
You've got my shoulder.
You've got no energy left to figure out this problem, and make it softer to process.
So tell the truth now, for once.
And let me know why you run into another life you lived before.
The sad truth, deep inside of you, somehow it's the only one we knew.
When you're gone, the rest of us live on, memorize the words to every song.

You asked me to trust you, but you're telling lies.
When we were making progress, not simply trying to get by.
But now we've parted, and now we're feeling useless, and wonder what we started when we just make excuses.
Remember the good times, when we loved one another. And how exciting life was, when we first begged each other to tell the truth now, for once.
Track Name: Future (limited)
We're living in a system where we don't exist,
and our words are not important - like our money is.
We'll watch our cities overflow, and get packed away when we get old.
We'll guarantee ourselves a future (limited).

But I don't care nothing about living a "big" life,
and my days are too short without living a fast life.
The marketing campaign is fully orchestrated,
but the target audience is truly underrated.

We were barred from rest and nourishment and we couldn't grow.
Our immunities were terminated one month ago.
The paychecks might as well not come,
there always gone before the evening's done.
We never stop to think of where our money goes.

And we hold the thoughts inside us for another day,
but would anybody know the difference anyway?

We'll watch our futures drift away
with the unemployment rate.
Track Name: Patterns in the Grass
I'm in a day that just won't pass, with no more time to borrow.
The cryptic patterns in the grass could help me find tomorrow.

But now I'm so lost, and now I'm so behind on life, that I don't know if love can make it right.

I've been watching through the glass and seeing romance dying. I've reached a point I can't move past, since I gave up trying.

But now I'm so wrong, and it's my fault that I'm alone. And I can't bear to face this, I'm to scared to leave my home.

Of the thousand faces, only strangers on the street, hoping for more out of love than painful memories.

But now I'm so lost, and now I'm so behind on life, that I don't know if love can make it right. Though I can't bear to face it, I'm to scared to even try.

I'm looking for real asylum. I'm looking for someone I can trust. Looking for more than a choice between friendship and lust. Of the thousand faces, only strangers on the street, looking for more out of love than painful memories.

But I don't know if love can make it right.
Track Name: Much More Now
I remember when you told me you were going, when we were only kids. You said your greatest fear was that of never knowing the places that exist. So it's my turn to miss you now. Your voice is just as familiar as the words from my mother's mouth. Though we've known this song for so long, your words mean much more now. I know you couldn't find a reason at the time, but it's so apparent now. It's taken months to get your name off of my tongue, after months of feeling down. So it's our turn to miss you now. I can hear your music ringing off the sides of my bedroom walls. I can smell the paper jacket of your records that I bought. You were scarred when you turned into a star. You became the one that you never wanted to be. You worked hard and became the avant-garde, and your life was full of little more than pain and misery. The empty fields, in winter, always bring you back; and the feeling's much the same. When I can hear the whistle blowing down the track, when it's much too far away. Then it's my turn to miss you now. I can picture just your outline, as you walked through our old school halls. I still can't erase your message from the last time that you called.
Track Name: Come & Gone
We've been hiding all our lives with nowhere else to run.
You have been inside my dreams more times than anyone.

Look at the patterns of our friends who've come and gone.
It doesn't matter as those bonds will still be strong.
Listen to any version, we're as close as any person ever was.

You and I have sacrificed everything we own.
We have spent so many years in the great unknown.

Think of the faces of your friends from long ago.
Some you will see again and some will never show.
Listen to any version, we're as close as any person ever was.
Track Name: Until Night
All night long, western bound, hunted down.
Hide your face out of sight until night.
Now you wait for your chance to escape.

Anywhere you hide, they'll find you.
Anything you try reminds you.
Over turbid water; all along the border,
hoping they won't drown you, on the night they found you.

What's the last sacred vow that you spoke?
Can you name all the rules that you broke?
Never see to the sky after they blindfolded your eyes.
Memories turn into dust after your handcuffs started to rust.
Track Name: Broadleaf
As the sunlight goes down, the memories of you arise through the sleeping broadleaf trees.
Time hasn't dealt the energy that we both felt when we both left home.
Her eyes turn the darkest grey. I hoped not to hear her say that "life isn't fair", and "we've just grown apart". Since time isn't fair.
The sunlight goes down, the memories of you arise through the sleeping broadleaf trees. Time hasn't cured the painful life that we endured when we both let go.
Her eyes crack the tomb I'm in. Her touch breaks my virgin skin. When life isn't fair, and we'll just grow apart. Since time isn't fair.
When life isn't fair, we'll be torn apart.
Since time isn't fair, it's just a place to start.
Track Name: City Streets
Every night, we were on your side. Standing on the corner, we waited for your orders. Almost every night, in the firelight. You called out from the shadows, and we headed for the narrows, where we wait in silence.

For the sound of the song that's playing in your head. For the screaming bullets, way up in the sky. Or the smell of the downtown city streets on a humid summer night.

We would stay 'til the winter came. The ideals of resistance had strengthened our resistance. And we kept along, many thousand strong. Their ships filled up our harbor with canon, men, and armor. While we wait in silence for the song that's playing in your head.

We heard hundreds of anchors fall, but the wind is not quite right for the ships to come along the shore. So we might have one more night.